About Us

The Yakima County Asset Building Coalition (YCABC) is a network of local service agencies, community organizations, businesses, and financial institutions committed to developing and building the financial stability of Yakima County households.  We dedicate our time, expertise and resources in helping low and moderate income people become more financially secure.

The YCABC offers relevant and accessible programming, financial and education resources, and public forums and events supported by more than 20 partner agencies. Programs include:

Earned Income Tax Credit/Free Tax Preparation
Share information about the free tax credit program; assist people in signing up for free tax preparation services.

Bank On Yakima
In partnership with local financial institutions, Bank On Yakima provides access to free or low-cost bank accounts for people who may not otherwise qualify.

College Bound
Scholarship program which prepares qualifying middle school students for college; scholarship provides state financial aid for tuition, some fees, and a book allowance.

Micro Enterprise
Thinking of starting your own business? Microenterprise is a business that has five or fewer employees, requires $35,000 or less in initial capital and does not have access to traditional commercial loans.  Microenterprises start small, but can grow into large businesses.

Individual Development Accounts (IDAs)
Special savings accounts that match the deposits of low- and moderate-income people.

Financial Education
Do you want to save money to buy a new car, get out of debt, or just pay your bills on time?  Our partner agencies offer a network of financial literacy classes, providing valuable skills to help you take control of your own money, make good choices, and work towards financial freedom.



A small group of concerned individuals - representing nonprofits, financial institutions and business leaders - came together in 2007 to discuss solutions for helping low to moderate income families reach financial stability.

Since that first meeting, more than 20 partners from various backgrounds have teamed up to provide services and education to individuals and families.  Our members work diligently to ensure programs are providing effective and functional information for the people we serve.

The YCABC partners with other Asset Building Coalitions across the State, as well as the Financial Empowerment Network and State of Washington Department of Commerce.  We share best practices and innovative ideas which better impact our communities.Every day is a new opportunity to share life-changing information, resources and ideas to truly make a difference in the financial future of our friends and neighbors.  If you are interested in learning more, would like information on the amazing resources and programs available, or have questions please go here!